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Advisory Board


The advisory board is made up of national and international experts from the fields of tobacco addiction treatment, tobacco prevention, health promotion, quality, science and research, as well as nursing science.


Prof. PD Dr. med. Jean-Paul Schmid

Board member of the Swiss working group for cardiac rehabilitation

Head of Cardiology / Internal Medicine

Clinic Barmelweid



Prof. Dr. Anil Batra

Head of the Addiction Medicine and Addiction Research Section
Deputy medical director
D-University Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Tübingen


Prof. Dr. med. Norbert Thürauf

Senior physician, head of laboratory, sensor technology area
Psychiatric and psychotherapeutic clinic
D University Hospital Erlangen


Dr. med. Andreas Gross

Senior Physician Pneumology
Kantonsspital Baden AG


Dr. med. Urs Jeker

Head physician, Heart Center Lucerne
Head of outpatient cardiac rehabilitation
Lucerne Cantonal Hospital


Prof. Yasser Khazaal

Médecin chief Policlinique d'addictologie

CHUV Lausanne


Stephanie Unternährer

Tobacco prevention for apprentices


Sandra Lauterer

Expert FTGS / GNTH certification


Dr. phil. Dipl. Psych. Severin Haug

Head of Research
CH-Swiss Institute for Addiction
and health research ISGF


Sabine Giebl


University Hospital Zurich


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