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Enrichment and support

The forum offers a platform for a lively, enriching exchange and mutual support in the implementation of measures to cease tobacco for patients and employees and a tobacco-free environment in health institutions in Switzerland.


Members use the results and experience of others to optimize processes and improve quality in their own facility. You have access to best practice by linking to international standards and developing national implementation strategies.

Further development

Members can work in cantonal and interest-related working groups with key issues and particularities of individualized smoking cessation, e.g. in health institutions providing acute, post-acute or rehabilitation care in somatic and psychiatric care. Examples of “good practice” are collected, compared with the standards, updated on the platform and made available to members.

International certification

The FTGS is the Swiss section of the GNTH and the national coordination office for certification applications for the national bronze, silver and international GOLD forum of the GNTH.

Members have the opportunity to be certified as a tobacco-free health facility in the Network for Tobacco Free Healthcare Services GNTH through the forum. The forum provides guidelines for admission and certification and provides support with applications.

Advanced training

The forum offers regular workshops and seminars on national and international guidelines and standards for smoking cessation in health care facilities and the possibilities for implementation.
In addition, information is provided about current events.

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