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Susann Koalick

President FTGS

Susann Koalick, born in 1969, has been an expert in the inpatient and outpatient treatment of tobacco dependence of smokers for 24 years and has been head of the nicotine counseling at Klinik Barmelweid AG ( since 2000.

Ms. Susann Koalick is active in the organization and training of medical and therapeutic staff in the field of tobacco prevention and treatment of tobacco addiction. She is a qualified nurse and curative teacher and certified in psychological health promotion and solution and resource-oriented communication models. Susann Koalick is Chair of the Global Network for Tobacco free Healthcare Services, an independent, international, non-profit association with the main goal of establishing a common strategy for health services in tobacco prevention and smoking cessation worldwide.

Among other things, she is a co-author in the author community A.Lichtenschopf, S.Koalick and SMühlig:

"Tobacco weaning in rehabilitation" / "Pneumological rehabilitation - the teaching and learning book for the rehabilitation team" of the DA-CH working group K.Schultz, H.Buhr-Schinner, K.Vonbank, RHZwick, M.Frey, M.Puhan, Dustri Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-87185-521-4

"In order for a successful tobacco prevention and treatment of tobacco dependence to be implemented in health institutions, holistic concepts and solutions as well as committed decision-makers and interdisciplinary teamwork are required. A network like the FTGS connects and strengthens."

Interview: " And now it's done"

Interview: "I was lucky with my diagnosis, now I want to become smoke-free."


Oliver Bilke-Hentsch

Vice President FTGS

Dr. med. Oliver Bilke-Hentsch MBA, LL.M. Born 1965, is a doctor for child and adolescent psychiatry and psychotherapy FMH, forensic child and adolescent psychiatrist, and has been clinically and scientifically active in the field of addiction and drugs in children and adolescents since 1993. He is chief physician in the child and adolescent psychiatric service of Lucerne Psychiatry (LUPS), SGV medical officer, has long been involved in psychiatry planning and works as an organizational consultant and supervisor.

Among other things, he is the author of numerous publications and books such as:
- Practical book on behavioral addiction: Symptoms, diagnosis and therapy in children, adolescents and adults, editors: Oliver Bilke-Hentsch, Klaus Wölfling, Anil Batra Thieme Verlag ISBN: 9783131715814
- Praxisbuch Sucht (2012), Georg Thieme Verlag KG Stuttgart, editors: A. Batra, O. Bilke-Hentsch ISBN: 9783131492012 / 2nd completely revised edition in 2015 / 3rd edition will be published at the end of 2020
- Book series Addiction: Risks - Forms - Interventions (interdisciplinary approaches from prevention to therapy) / Kohlhammer-Verlag / book Nicotine Dependence and Tobacco Prevention will appear soon.


Interview: Nicotine Addiction - Consequences - Treatment


Isabella Sudano

Prof. Dr. med. Isabella Sudano, born in 1968, is a specialist in internal medicine with a passion for preventive medicine. After training at the University Hospital in Pisa in Italy, she works as a senior physician in the Cardiology Clinic of the University Heart Center of the USZ and has been treating patients with high blood pressure, dyslipidemia and tobacco dependence and their disease consequences since 2004. Since 2005 she has been in charge of the tobacco cessation clinic in cardiology and since January 2015 the USZ's smoking advice program.

In the FMH training program and other projects, she is responsible for training medical and non-medical personnel in smoking cessation and cardiovascular prevention.


Tsogyal Daniela Latshang

PD Dr. med.

PD Dr. med. Tsogyal Latshang, born 1974, is a specialist in pulmonology and internal medicine. As chief physician and head of pulmonology / sleep medicine at the Cantonal Hospital in Graubünden, she treats patients with tobacco addiction and the consequences of it. Since August 2015 I have been leading the tobacco cessation clinic in the Cantonal Hospital of Graubünden, which received the GNTH Bronze Certificate in 2016. Smoking cessation is undoubtedly one of the most important medical measures to improve the health of a population.

She has published several publications and won research awards.


Valentina BianchiGaldi

Dr. med.

Dr. med. Valentina Bianchi Galdi graduated Magna cum Laude from the University of Pavia (I) in 1995 with an experimental thesis on the immunobiology of severe surgical sepsis. She was involved in immunohematological field research at the Department of Surgery of the University of Insubria in Varese, the Department of Biotechnology (DIBIT) of the S. Raffaele Hospital in Milan, the Department of Biochemistry of the ETH-Z in Zurich and the Laboratory of Experimental Hematology of the Inselsspital in Bern.

She then moved to Ticino, where she devoted herself to the clinic and trained in internal medicine and in medical oncology at the Regional Hospital of Lugano and at the Italian Oncology Institute Switzerland (IOSI). In collaboration with the cancer registry of the Canton of Ticino, she then devoted herself to various projects on the quality of cancer treatment. She led the pilot project "ORL: On the way to a tobacco-free hospital" in the Lugano regional hospital ( ).

The hospital was able to achieve the GNTH (Global Network for Tobacco Free Healthcare Services) bronze certification in February. She is the author of over 50 publications in national and international scientific journals and 11 book chapters. She heads the FTGS Ticino Regional Group.


Isabelle Hamm

Expert tobacco cessation

Isabelle Hamm, born 16. June 1964 has been a psychiatric nurse since 1989 and has specialized in smoking cessation and nicotine counseling since 2006. She has been trained in behavioral and cognitive therapy since 2017. Isabelle Hamm has been working in the psychiatric department of the «Hôpital du Jura Bernois» in Bellelay for 2 years ( / ) in nicotine counseling for patients, (individual / group), and is active in employee training for “letter intervention” and the introduction of tobacco prevention measures in the clinic.

Isabelle Hamm has been President of the “Association Francophone des Infirmiers en Tabacologie et en Addictologie” since 2015 and implements projects with the RESPADD in France. She is co-author of the textbook on smoking cessation for health professions «premiers gestes en tabacologie». She headed the FTGS Romandie regional group.


Marcel Krebs

Sociologist and social worker

Marcel Krebs, born in 1972, is a sociologist and social worker. Since 2001, he has been working for the Swiss Coordination and Specialist Office Addiction Infodrog and has been managing the Swiss addiction platform Infoset since then and has been the editorial manager of the SuchtMagazin trade journal since 2008. He is also a lecturer at the Institute for Social Work and Health at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and is jointly responsible for the focus on "Addiction".