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Quality development: visible, noticeable and verifiable

Membership in the FTGS is a basic requirement for any certification. The certifications are aimed at hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation and long-term institutions as well as inpatient addiction support facilities.

The national certificates in bronze, silver and the international GOLD Forum motivate health protection against tobacco smoke and the offers for the treatment of tobacco addiction to be anchored in the institutions mentioned, to continuously develop, improve and consolidate. With the implementation of the Global Network Standards it is possible for these institutions to develop a proactive procedure, to address tobacco consumers, to diagnose the degree of dependency and to integrate counseling and smoking cessation in a binding manner into everyday treatment.

They make the success of the quality of a tobacco free policy in health institutions visible to the outside world with the certificates. In order to ensure that the development is continued in a quality-supported manner, recertification takes place every four years.

The national certificates in bronze, silver and participation in the international GOLD Forum of the GNTH are awarded according to uniform criteria. The prerequisite for the initiation of a certification process is that a certain number of points is achieved in the FTGS / GNTH self-assessment of the health institution, which has been confirmed by the certification report and the corresponding evidence.

Further information (such as certification report)

Certification hôpital sans tabac

FTGS au sein des structures sanitaires suisses (FTGS) est la section suisse du GLOBAL NETWORK FOR TOBACCO FREE HEALTHCARE SERVICES (GNTH) et le center de coordination nationale chargé des demandes de certification bronze, argent et OR.

Le FTGS soutient et accompagne la procédure par l'entremiseitrices et attiteurs nationaux et internationaux formés spécialement.

Certificazione come ospedale libero dal fumo

FTGS è la sezione svizzera del GLOBAL NETWORK FOR TOBACCO FREE HEALTHCARE SERVICES (GNTH) e l'organismo nazionale di coordinamento per le richieste di certificazione dei Forum Bronze, Silver e GOLD.

FTGS sostiene e accompagna la procedura da parte di auditor nazionali ed internazionali qualificati.


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(For the implementation of a quality management of the tobacco-free policy in health institutions)

The GNTH concept is a practice-related and continuously (since 1999) evaluated quality standard set for tobacco-free management in health institutions.

Each standard contains self-assessment and implementation criteria that provide lasting and successful support for implementation and monitoring.

"The Global Network Implementation Concept is a systematic approach that combines evidence-based standards with a process of self-audit to support sustained commitment and continuous improvement. The Global Standards, which were reviewed in 2015, address key elements known to be important in achieving outcomes for tobacco control and smoking cessation. Each standard is supported by implementation criteria (specific structures and processes) to help guide health services in achieving implementation and monitoring progress. "

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